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Zach’s First Cold and My First Remedy

I came home to a sniffling boy in his crib who gave me a gummy smile for looking at him.  I picked him up so he could sneeze on me.  I set him back down to clean off.  I picked … Continue reading

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Boardgames, Card Games, Sons, and Grandpas

Every evening after dinner, Zach gets a nap.  Kris and I have about 45 solid minutes together, broken only by crib whimpers where one of us rushes to replace the pacifier before the boy really wakes up. In our time … Continue reading

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Vacations: Now and Then

Kris packed on Thursday for the three-hour drive from Wichita to Kansas City.  I ate some gorp and drank some coffee and we were off.  We listened to Zach and NPR fussing.   And we talked about childhood friends, Minnesota farm … Continue reading

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Four Months Old Means Solid Food!

I blinked twice, September rolled around, and I was holding a spoon in front of my son; a plastic purple spoon that was good for gums and liquidy rice cereal. I tentatively held it to his mouth.  This boy, who … Continue reading

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