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On the Joy of Growing Up on Mayall Street

Not everyone gets to grow up on Mayall Street.  Some have to grow up on Devonshire Street or Lassen Street or Topeka Drive or even Tampa Avenue. And some of those who get to live on Mayall Street have to move away … Continue reading

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Big Heads, Shirt Episiotomies, and Crawling Styles

I held my head up for the first time at eighteen and a half months and the doctors gawked at the strength of my neck.  My head accounted for two-thirds of my body weight.  My older brother Jeff made fun of me … Continue reading

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On Rubble Gum, Ridges, Growing Up, and Growing Old

  Lunch cost 50 cents at Topeka Drive Elementary in 1983.  Dad fixed my hair and gave me two quarters every morning as I fell out of the van, messy half-done homework spilling out of my blue Trapper Keeper.  And every lunchtime, I begged and … Continue reading

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On Superpowers and Suncatchers

Cartoons taught me that we all have superpowers.  Some, like Superman, were born with it; some, like Gargamel, had magic potions; and some, like Scooby and crew, were diligent and smart. At age five-and-a-half I set out to find my super … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Freckles

It took me only four months in the beginning of ’81 to get the correct shoe on the correct foot.  After one month of telling me to change my shoes most mornings, mom wrote an ‘L’ and an ‘R’ on the bottom … Continue reading

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