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On Sailboats and Awkwardness

I saw Shirley working the hand drill, putting the mast way too far forward.  I looked down at my boat with its perfectly placed mast-hole and I wanted to help her.  Her boat probably wouldn’t even float, let alone sail, … Continue reading

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On Teaching a Dog to Fetch

Mom came home from work one day in the summer of ’84 in a rush.  She saw a sign on her postal route:  “Free puppies, half retriever/half Siberian Husky.”  We jumped at the thought of a new dog.  “It can play with … Continue reading

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On Fitting In and Wearing Fancy Clothes

  Something happened between sixth and seventh grade, between Topeka Drive Elementary and Nobel Jr High.  The rules changed.  We had an orientation day to explain that we had to go from class to class; that we had seven minutes to change for … Continue reading

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On Being a 6th Grader, a Big Brother, and Having a Pregnant Wife

I hit sixth grade in the fall of ’86.  We traded in our striped van for a silver one that year.  It had back seat air conditioning and a greased side door that I could open and slide in one … Continue reading

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