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Big Bear Snow, Holly Lake Humidity

Early one Saturday morning in early January ’83, after a week of Los Angeles rain, we packed the van with tube socks and pieces of cardboard.  For two hours, we played “I spy.”  We used colors instead of letters because Jake … Continue reading

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CHiPs and Truck Noises

I quit panicking when dad lit the barbecue around six-thirty on Sunday afternoons in the early 80s; Chicken or ribs or steak.  My current event or book report was still due the next morning, but the charcoal smell meant it was … Continue reading

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Sunroofs, T-Tops, and Law; Visiting Dad at Work

The 80s brought knee-high socks with colored stripes, video arcades with Pac-Man and Centipede, and T-Tops for hot cars like Corvettes and Datsuns.  In 1982, I wore the socks, Jeff went to the arcade, and dad quit his job as … Continue reading

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