Seward September

We traveled down with gorp that was good of M&Ms.  We stayed five miles north of Seward in a cabin with a ladder to get to the loft with two beds.  Zach tried to sleep upstairs for minutes on end that first night.  Knowing he was not allowed to get out of his bed, he stood on it to see out the upper windows and called down to us, all the things he could see.

“Yellow tractor, red tractor.  Red tractor wheels.  Two red tractor wheels!”

We brought him down to sleep on the couch while Kris and I watched Northern Exposure.  The furnace kicked on and Anna woke up at 4:30.  We had coffee, breakfast, and went to the SeaLife Center.

Zach and Anna liked the sea lions, the octopus, and the water fountain out front.

We all wore our red flannel shirts that day.

We all wore our red flannel shirts that day.

Zach was big enough to reach the petting tank.  It was full of starfish and exotic soft flagella creatures.  Zach loved the rocks and tried to touch them even though the water was cold.  He had to go way up on his toes to be able to reach over and drink the water.

Zach, just before he started drinking the water.

Zach, just before he started drinking the water.

The rain subsided mostly and we drove to Exit Glacier; hiked the mile or so in an hour or so.  Zach liked the big ice and waterfalls.  Anna fell asleep.

Seward 4

Kris and I got to spend good time together.

Seward 5

The rain returned as we returned to the cabin; for Northern Exposure and sleep.  Anna awoke at 5:30.  And we got this shot as we left.

Seward 1

About Jimmy

The stories herein are about a sentimental 80s child who cried at every showing of ET (the sad part where he was lying in the wash) and his families, then and now. His wife, son, parents, and siblings play their parts well. They have their exits and their entrances. Sometimes their exits are sad, but not as sad as ET.
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2 Responses to Seward September

  1. Dianna says:

    So nice to experience life through the eyes of your children.

  2. colonialist says:

    I do hope he left some of the water for the residents! 🙂

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