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Other People’s Birthdays and a Minnesota/Iowa Roadtrip

The end of May to mid-July were bitter times for me growing up.  All three of my siblings celebrated their birthdays during that time and I had to wait until October.  They all got presents and all I got was an … Continue reading

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On Teaching a Dog to Fetch

Mom came home from work one day in the summer of ’84 in a rush.  She saw a sign on her postal route:  “Free puppies, half retriever/half Siberian Husky.”  We jumped at the thought of a new dog.  “It can play with … Continue reading

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On Being a 6th Grader, a Big Brother, and Having a Pregnant Wife

I hit sixth grade in the fall of ’86.  We traded in our striped van for a silver one that year.  It had back seat air conditioning and a greased side door that I could open and slide in one … Continue reading

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Vacations: Now and Then

Kris packed on Thursday for the three-hour drive from Wichita to Kansas City.  I ate some gorp and drank some coffee and we were off.  We listened to Zach and NPR fussing.   And we talked about childhood friends, Minnesota farm … Continue reading

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Four Months Old Means Solid Food!

I blinked twice, September rolled around, and I was holding a spoon in front of my son; a plastic purple spoon that was good for gums and liquidy rice cereal. I tentatively held it to his mouth.  This boy, who … Continue reading

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The One About Christmas Tree, Blue Sock, Green Sock, Red Sock, and Pur-Fur

By the end of 1982, Jacob and I started to compete for everything.  He went from being the big-eyed three and a half year-old who I shared the back bedroom with, to the kid who asked for a real baseball glove for … Continue reading

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I Love the Smell of A&D Cream in the Morning

At some time between 5 and 5:30, I hear him on the monitor; not a hearty cry, but a sustained whimpering.  I roll over and ask Kris, “What time did you feed him?”   She says 4 or 3:30 or fifteen … Continue reading

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