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The One Where I Learned About Lunchboxes and met Rupee on the First Day of School

I never did like to sleep in much.  The morning of my first day of school, my heart began to beat fast before I woke up.  I opened my eyes.  It was still dark.  I smiled, rolled out of bed … Continue reading

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The One Where Jamie and I Became Barbers

I tried hard to impress him that first week.  I showed him that I could read Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.  I had it memorized and ran my fingers along the words like I was reading.   I could do fifth grade math … Continue reading

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The One Where I Found My Baseball Cards and Met Jamie

Over the holidays, my wife and I went back to my Los Angeles childhood home.  We ate fudge, turkey, and vacuum cleaner cookies; played Crazy 8s with my five year old nephew and Settlers of Catan with the ten year … Continue reading

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