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Spring Rains and Our Bucket List

The rains subsided at noon and Jean and I scarfed down our bologna sandwiches and ran outside with our bucket at 12:05.  The wet ground squished between our toes.  I set the metal bucket down, pulled out an empty pill bottle, perfect … Continue reading

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Bedtime Rituals: Stories, Verses, and Elton John T-shirts

In the mid-70s, before I came along, my parents owned a souvenir store in Lake Tahoe full of keychains, bumper stickers, and dice.  The one thing it didn’t have was customers and the store closed.  They kept some of the nicer … Continue reading

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On Patience, 1987 Topps, and He-Man

In the spring of ’87, as my Topeka Drive elementary career was winding down, I took stock of my days.  There were small changes.  Evan, the curly red-headed boy, wanted a girlfriend.  A couple of my friends were pairing off with cute girls, … Continue reading

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On Trying New Things

Chad or JuJuan suggested it.  I cringed.  “It’s not far,” JuJu said, “20 minutes.”  My heart beat faster.  “Let me get changed,” I said. I arrived on Guam in the summer of ’94, my first permanent assignment in the Air Force.  … Continue reading

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