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Only the Mailman Walks

I started playing kid-pitch baseball in ’84.  I was on the Angels for the second time.  The opposing pitchers had terrible control, but I swung at everything and frequently missed.  I had photogray lenses that turned dark in the Los Angeles sunlight.  … Continue reading

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Two Years, Two Kids, Two Homes; Two People Become One

On the 5th of July, 2010 we recited our vows and sang The First Noel, a Christmas carol in the heat of a summer day because that was the first song we sang together when she returned from Azerbaijan the … Continue reading

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Keys, Please or Home Sweet Home

A toy car came out in the mid-80s.  The car fit into a base that had a lock.  You needed a key to unlock the base and then when you hit the base with your fist, the car shot out.  … Continue reading

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