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On Getting New Toys and Appreciating the Old Ones

In October of 1982, I turned 7 and unwrapped a life altering gift:  the original He-man.  He was muscular and good with sandy blond hair.  When you pulled back on his arm and let go, his torso whipped around and … Continue reading

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Pain And Concern And That Magical Moment In Between

I encouraged Kris to go to the hospital at the slightest onset of Labor because I liked listening to the baby’s heartbeat.  And the hospital had MLB Network. This Labor Day weekend, Kris was all contractiony.  We went to Labor … Continue reading

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Waiting on a Baby or Please Allow Six to Eight Weeks for Delivery

I began Nobel Junior High in the fall of ’87 and a few things changed:  math got harder, girls stopped talking to me, and lunch went from 50 cents to $1.25. I was a little upset that my grades went … Continue reading

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