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The One About Castle Grayskull and Christmas Vacation, 1982

I practiced the Stegosaurus dance each day for two weeks and each night I sang the song and danced the dance for my parents until I had it cold.  I wanted to perform well.  Christmas was coming and there was no … Continue reading

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The One About 8-week-old Babies Trying to Live Up to Expectations

I grew up on hyperbolic stories of what I was like when I was a baby.  I only cried two times:  Once when my mom stuck the diaper safety pin through my belly and once when my mom stuck the diaper safety pin through my … Continue reading

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The One About My New Favorite Holiday

I like chocolate, tall trees, and holidays.  My favorites are Hershey’s, redwoods, and… umm, it depends when you ask me.  My favorite holiday has changed nine times in my short life.  I’m not fickle, it’s just that the things which are important … Continue reading

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The One Where I Broke Up With Sarah and Learned the Stegosaurus Dance

Sarah and I lasted about a week and a half.  I asked mom, “How old do you have to be to get married?” thinking the answer was at least ten years old.  But mom said I’d have to wait until … Continue reading

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The One About God, a Walk, and Tornado Sirens

Most atheists agree that Jesus controls the weather.  They don’t have some happenstance ‘theory’ to explain things like ‘wind’ and ‘low-pressure systems.’  In fact, the Darwin Institute released a study showing that the weathermen who were the most accurate were … Continue reading

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The One About Bedtime Stories

Zach doesn’t much like to sleep.  At night anyway.  He sleeps fine during the day, but once his 1 a.m. feeding is done, life courses through his system. Because I can’t feed him (thank you, Jesus), my job is burper.  … Continue reading

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The One with More He-Man, Brian, the 2nd Grade Cool Kids, and My First Girlfriend

  In 1982, two things determined how cool you were:  the size of your He-Man collection and your kickball skills.  By the end of October, I had six action figures and one animal, Battle Cat.  I was also a weekly … Continue reading

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