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The One Where We Went to the Hospital and Came Home With a Baby!

Her water broke at three.  She made my dinner: chicken, shells, and pesto.  And then she called me at work.  “Babe, I don’t want you to worry, but I think my water broke.” I swallowed; looked at the clock.  4:31, … Continue reading

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The One With Worms and Baseball and a New Friend To Take Jamie’s Place

1982 was a rough year.  Jamie left.  Mrs. Butterball left.  And, on the last day of school, mom told me my school was closing down.  No more Devonshire St. Elementary.  There weren’t enough kids in the area.  We were just on … Continue reading

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The One Where Micki Married Verlin and Jamie Left Forever

Some kids mature faster than others.  I was an advanced six-year-old.  Even though Jamie could ride his bike with one hand, most of his jokes still revolved around farting or holding me down and sitting on me and farting.  He … Continue reading

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The One Where We Went to Santa Anita and Jamie Was Selfish

In early 1982, I was six years old and I knew how important money was.  A new set of baseball cards had come out.  There were toys to buy.  Chocolate milk was ten cents more a carton than regular milk and … Continue reading

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The One Where I Learned About Phonics and Health and the Nature of Adults

First grade taught me all sorts of lessons.  Mrs. Butterball taught us sounds with pictures and sayings.  She was older but thinner than Mrs. Rogers, the way first grade teachers should be.  On the first day of class, she told us … Continue reading

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